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Essential Scents by Darlene

Blossom candle set

Blossom candle set

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This candle set is perfect for those seeking a decorative touch to their home while indulging in the calming and soothing scent of lavender. The set is infused with the essence of self-love, providing a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for your mind, body, and spirit.

The candles are decorated with beautiful flowers that represent renovation, self-love, and acceptance. These key features provide an added touch of tranquility to your space.

Each candle in this set offers an exceptional fragrance that can help you unwind after a long day or simply add ambiance to any room. The soothing aroma will uplift your spirit while promoting relaxation.

Take some time for yourself and indulge in this decorative lavender candle set infused with the essence of self-love. Transform any setting into a tranquil oasis by incorporating these beautiful candles into your décor today!

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